We are used to working with charities and trustees from a range of organisations and understand the difference between advising on personal wealth, and trust-based investments.

We structure investments to reflect each organisation’s specific requirements. We will assess and consider your risk tolerance, specific income and cashflow needs, and ethical criteria to build the portfolio that is right for your organisation. And it is not just about managing the money – we also provide investment advice and will help you craft your Investment Policy Statement and any reporting requirements.

How your charity’s portfolio is invested

Decisions about your charity’s portfolio are based on a carefully considered investment philosophy and rigorous process which is overseen by our Investment Committee. You will benefit from a consistent and disciplined approach to the management of your portfolio, while receiving advice tailored to investments for charities and your organisation’s individual situation and objectives.


Every investment portfolio faces risks. To manage that risk, we ensure that your investments are diversified across a range of assets classes, sectors, and geographical regions.

Our fund managers continuously review potential risks to portfolio investment from company-specific, market and economic factors.

A robust and proven process

Once we have reviewed your circumstances and agreed on your objectives and risk tolerance for the charities’ investments, we will then design an appropriate investment strategy for you. This strategy will then be regularly reviewed in your adviser trustee meetings.

Ethical investing

We understand that some charities will have an ethical criteria for their investments. We have access to a wide range of ethical, socially responsible, or ESG centred funds. By using a combination of our ethical risk profiling system along with a positive or negative screening techniques, we will use our research tools to ensure your ethical needs are met.

Reporting and administration:

Keeping you informed

As well as access to our online portal for valuations, we will organise regular meetings. The exact meeting timings and format can be adapted to suit your needs but will occur at least annually.

Meetings will include a review of your charity’s objectives and then focus on the investment strategy and the markets, together with a detailed valuation. At any stage, you can contact your adviser and support team for any information you require.